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Airlie Amber Ale: Malty, medium-bodied ale with a light bitterness from noble German hops and hints of dried fruit on the finish.

Oysterman's Stout: Dark ale using select roasted barley malts with overtones of coffee, biscuit and cocoa.

Puppy Drum Pale Ale: Light, sessionable, and hoppy pale ale with floral and fruity characteristics from copious amounts of Centennial, Amarillo and Ahtanum hops varietals.

K├Âlsch: Help us name this beer. A refreshing, light traditional German recipe steeped in noble hops that easy to drink. A popular choice with our lager lovers!

Wilmywood Wit: A perfect coastal Carolina delight. Wheat beer fermented by Belgian saison yeast and brewed with sweet orange peel, cardamom, and coriander. Hops with floral and citrus characteristics to accentuate the spices.

Pompano Porter: Silky, smooth porter mashed in with loads of flaked oats and brewed with our own local coffee!

Pinfish Pilsner: Brewed in the Czech tradition with pilsen lager yeast and Saaz hops, a high quality crisp beer with classic hops character and clean flavor.